Precision Machining Services

Strength to support major engineering company needs

Techman Engineering specialise in high precision machining of large complex products from exotic alloys, steels and composites. These include high technology components for Measurement While Drilling (MWD), Logging While Drilling (LWD) and Rotary Steerable tools.

The variety of machines installed at the Chesterfield facility allows Techman to react to demands from multiple customers and gives flexibility when taking on first article work.

Deep Hole Boring

With our state-of-the-art machinery, Techman can bore to full length depths of 12m maintaining concentricity of up to 0.1mm using the latest in ... read more

Deep Hole Boring Shop

CNC Turning

Techman offers the latest in CNC Turning technology. ... read more

CNC Turning


Techman offers the latest in CNC Honing technology. ... read more



Techman offers the latest in CNC Milling technology. ... read more


Composite Engineering, Research and Development

Techman-SBOs composite facility continues to grow. We are proactively working with our customer's to combine the latest technology, ... read more

Composite Engineering

Laser Cladding

Laser hard facing applies a thin layer of tungsten carbide to down hole tools, and combines a very abrasion resistant coating to (A.S.T.M 36A) ... read more

Laser Cladding

Manual Hardfacing

Techman engineering is a company that can offer a full range of hard facing systems in-house and on products up to 10m long in their Hard facing ... read more



Techman offers the latest in CNC Gun Drilling technology. New to Techman is precision deep hole Gun Drilling with Schoeller Bleckmann ... read more


CNC Grinding Capabilities

Techman has 4 grinders on site including an innovative CNC Cylindrical Grinding Machine ... read more

CNC Grinding


Techman inspection methods are environmentally controlled in process and through to the final inspection areas. ... read more

Faro Inspection

CAD/CAM - Design For Manufacture

Succeeding in todays marketplace means we need to streamline production processes, here at Techman we do this by utilising the latest ... read more


Controlled Hammer Peening

Hammer peening is the process of cold working metal surfaces to improve the material properties. It expands the surface therefore inducing ... read more

Non Magnetic Material Hot Spot Inspection

At Techman we can test for magnetism on non magnetic materials using a proprietary probe testing process known as a Hot Spot test. ... read more

Precision Straightening and Sawing Services

Techman can also offer precision Sawing and Straightening services ... read more