CAD/CAM - Design For Manufacture

Succeeding in todays marketplace means we need to streamline production processes, here at Techman we do this by utilising the latest technological applications and software.

We concentrate on key areas for the controlling of development costs whilst maintaining high levels of quality. Techman operate the latest in Cad/Cam and verification software.

Cad / Cam application carries even greater potential for streamlining production processes, the ability to utilise Solid models together with Cam programming before seamlessly transferring data to verify processes allows Techman to stay ahead of its competition by avoiding manufacturing delays through improved front end processes.

The ability to use our Cad system not only highlights manufacturing difficulties but continues to maintain links allowing quick and efficient programming, in particularly when a design change is made our Cam software will highlight changes on model updates showing what the changes are and tool paths requiring correction. To further safeguard machining practices Techman then validate procedures and set ups through our Verification software, this simulates CNC machining in the actual machine environment detecting any errors, potential collisions, even going as far as identifying areas of inefficiency. Verification enables our off line programmers to correct errors before the program is ever loaded on the CNC machine, thereby drastically reducing manual prove-outs.