CNC Grinding Capabilities

Techman has 4 grinders on site including an innovative CNC Cylindrical Grinding Machine

The Machine was designed and developed for the oil and gas industry, original equipment manufacturers and repair facilities to grind/regrind stabilizers up to 42” (1066mm) in diameter by 12ft(3.6 metres) long, hydroclean bar, fishing tools, drills, reamers and oilfield ancillary tooling along with drill pipes up to 40ft (12 metres) in length. It is available as both a manual machine or with full CNC offering 120” (3048mm) between centres Standard Equipment:-

Incremental in-feed of wheel head.
Ball screws to Carriage Long Travel & infeed cross-travel.
Digital AC motors & drives.
Coolant equipment.
Work holding 4 jaw chuck to front of spindle & adjustable clamping ring to rear of spindle.

GE Fanuc Oi-TD 4 Axis CNC Control


To provide electronic shape control through CNC system for grinding convex curves, parabolic curves, melon profiles, tapered ends, parallel profiles or tapered profiles. Also to provide C axis spindle drive and B axis to facilitate the helix grinding of your required chamfers. The system will be programmed with the above profiles and also custom profiles to suit your requirements


To provide a motorised grinding spindle mounted on a cnc driven rotary table to accurately position to any angle for grinding the edge chamfers on the flutes of your components.


To provide a motorised grinding spindle to grind a wear band on your components.