Composite Engineering, Research and Development

Techman-SBOs composite facility continues to grow. We are proactively working with our customer's to combine the latest technology, processes and materials.

Our current capabilities include Filament Winding, Pre-Preg Lay-Up, Antenna Winding, Resistivity Array Tools, Isolation Joints, Composite Mandrels, Assembly and Viton & HNBR bonded to metal and fibreglass. We can also offer Electrical & Hyperbaric Testing.

The combination of high precision components with composite application offers the One Stop Shop solution that our customers are looking for. This turnkey solution will reduce customer’s inventory management, reduce vendor management, reduced logistics and reduced lead times. It will also offer increased product control.

We have invested heavily over the last 18 month in the composite department to incorporate 2 new temperature controlled clean room areas for the placement of composite and elastomers and in relocation of the filament winding department. Dedicated refrigerated material storage has also been included.

Our Research and Development department work closely with the industry to ensure we are able to offer up to date processes and information. We are happy to work with your own Engineers to ensure the products you receive are the engineered to the highest standards.

Pre-Preg Tapes

This method is primarily used to provide a composite substrate for the winding of antenna. Our current process material achieves the following ... read more


Filament Winding

Whenever high strength with low weight and cost; durability and targeted performance features are specified, filament winding is our composite ... read more

Curing and Machining

Once the composite has been applied we cure it to achieve the best possible Tg for the material. ... read more

Antenna Winding

A wide variety of coil forms can be produced to suit your application. Simple, Dipole, Saddle, and Multi Layer antennas. ... read more

Resistivity Tools

Complex assembly layering of Non-Magnetic stainless steels, composites, elastomers, ceramics and ferrous coated electrodes allow Techman-SBO to ... read more

Assembly and Testing

Techman-SBO can offer can offer a wide variety of electrical testing of resistivity and communication tools, both at ambient and elevated ... read more

Hyperbaric Pressure Testing

We have installed a hydrostatic pressure test system capable of testing parts to 140MPa (20,000PSI) at temperatures of up to 177C (350F) in a ... read more

Turn-Key Options

By working with our customers, we are able to offer complete in box Turn-Key solutions. ... read more

EDM/ECM Programme

Our custom designed EDM/ECM tooling allows complete versatility within the envelope of the tool design. ... read more