Filament Winding

Whenever high strength with low weight and cost; durability and targeted performance features are specified, filament winding is our composite manufacturing process of choice!

We can work with and combine a vast array of reinforcement materials such as Carbon, E-glass, S2-glass, Basalt and Aramid and blend these with resin options from the phenolic, polyester, epoxy, polyamide and bismalemide families to engineer desired qualities in the final product and meet specific performance criterion. If these wound structures are to be incorporated into assemblies we offer high quality bonding solutions for composite-composite, composite-rubber and composite-metal capable of withstanding service temperatures of up to 450F.

Using CNC programming, we can control the movement of all the 4-axes on the machine independently to wind onto complex mandrel shapes and assemblies incorporating a wide range of winding angles (between 4 and 90 degrees to part axis) to achieve design and dimensional conformity. Post winding, parts are cured in any one of the four computer-controlled curing ovens on site using precise heating profiles. Heating profiles can be tailored to achieve the specific glass transition and mechanical properties in the resulting laminate.

Complying with ISO 9001:2015 and API Spec Q1 standards, we offer full traceability on all manufactured parts and supply Certificates of Analysis and Conformity with each batch of parts dispatched post testing the laminate for void content, glass transition and volume fraction. Other mechanical, electrical and thermal properties can be tested for upon request.

Filament winding process at Techman Engineering:
• Max part dimensions: 500mm OD X 4000mm L (19.7” X 157”)
• Material Grades:
   - Roving Reinforcements: E-glass, S2-glass, Basalt, Carbon, Aramid (Kevlar) and/or combination
   - Resin Matrix: Epoxy, phenolic, polyester, polyamide, BMI
• Structure Type: hollow, overwrapped bonded layer; staged buildup; within defined bands on assembly
• Cross-sectional Shapes: cylindrical, elliptical, square
• Curing: Furnace/Oven based (upto 260C)
• Post Processing: Turning, Milling, Grinding, Gel coat, bonding,
• Testing (ASTM): Fibre volume fraction, void content, glass transition, mechanical, electrical, thermal
• Inspection: Full scale dimensional, CMM
• QMS: ISO 9001: 2015, API Spec Q1

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