Laser Cladding

Laser hard facing applies a thin layer of tungsten carbide to down hole tools, and combines a very abrasion resistant coating to (A.S.T.M 36A) tight dimensional control, and low heat input in a single process.

Techman CO2 Laser is attached to a 10m, 6-axis machine and has successfully applied coatings to Measuring Whilst Drilling, Logging Whilst Drilling, Rotary steerable tools as well as standard sleeves and stabilisers.

These processes are proven and validated in the company's in-house laboratory which was used to develop and control a variety of new laser hard facing systems and procedures.

Laser surface engineering such as cladding with its high processing speed and minimal thermal effects on the underlying substrate (because of its precise control of heat input and material addition) is a technique highly suited for localised repair of damaged parts.

A summary of some of the advantages of using lasers for surfacing engineering is as follows: