Darron Oil Tools

Techman SBO is the new home of Darron Oil Tools. Darron Oil Tools have been providing high quality drilling tools to the oil and gas industry for over twenty years.

Please find our product catalogue in the downloads section below, all products can be made on site at Techman.

Integral blade stabilizers (alloy steel)

Darron Oil Tools alloy stabilizers are manufactured from AISI 4145 H Modified steel, fully heat treated 10285-341 Brinell hardness and 40 ft. ... read more


DR Model 60 Reamer

The Darron Oil Tools DRS Series Sealed Bearing Roller Reamers give maximum rotating hours downhole with minimum rig time in changeover of ... read more


Large hole range hole opener

Sealed Bearing - LHS Type ... read more



Techman offer a complete range of Hardfacings to suit all drilling conditions. Experience in the North Sea has assisted us to develop ... read more


Sealed bearing roller reamers

The DRS series reamer is designed to give maximum rotating hours downhole with minimum rig time in changeovers of assemblies. This is achieved ... read more


Single stage hole opener

Integral Body-Sealed Bearing - SHI Series ... read more


Stabilizer mandrels

The Darron Oil Tools Sleeve Type Stabilizer Mandrel, available in either string or nearbit configurations, is produced in a full range of sizes ... read more


Standard stabilizer sleeves

These stabilizer sleeves have been designed as rig-replaceable units to help solve the problems of logistics when drilling in remote areas. ... read more


Circulating Sub

The Darron Oil Tools Circulating Sub has been designed to achieve increased mud circulation by placement in the Bottom Hole Assembly (B.H.A.), ... read more