Integral blade stabilizers (alloy steel)

Darron Oil Tools alloy stabilizers are manufactured from AISI 4145 H Modified steel, fully heat treated 10285-341 Brinell hardness and 40 ft. lbs. min. IZOD impact strength.

The blades are spiral milled in either left-hand (LH) or right-hand (RH) in three main configurations:

Wide open 150° to 210°
Open over 210° to 270°
Tight over 270° to 360°

The spiral blades are machined to provide maximum mud circulation.

Connection features are: Bore back box/Stress relief pin/Cold rolled thread roots/Phosphate coated connections/Heavy duty rubber thread protectors are standard.

Blade diameters are ground to a maximum of 1/32" under gauge on all hole sizes.

Hardfacing is applied to the leading edge for additional protection.

Information on Darron Hardfacings can be found on this data sheet.

When ordering Darron stabilizers please specify:

1) Drill collar size and ID
2) Type of stabilizer
3) Type of hardfacing
4) Spiral Type
5) Connection type and size