Sealed bearing roller reamers

The DRS series reamer is designed to give maximum rotating hours downhole with minimum rig time in changeovers of assemblies. This is achieved by rugged but simple construction techniques and the addition of a lubricated and sealed system.

3 Point String
Run in the string to maintain a straight and true well bore and to ream through faults such as key seats and ledges.

3 Point Nearbit
Run directly above the bit to ensure improved stability of the bit giving faster penetration rates.

6 Point Nearbit
Run directly above the bit primarily in badly formed, crooked holes. The six cutters provide the greatest reaming capability available.

Combination Tool
Run directly above the bit primarily in badly formed, crooked holes. The combination of three cutters and a full coverage specially designed stabilizer section provides a tool giving both reaming and stabilizing functions resulting in maximum directional control.

Tool Features

A completely integral (weld free) body ensures uniformity of strength.
A hardfaced area is applied on both leading and trailing edges to reduce wear.
With the exception of the cutters, all parts of the reamer are flush to the body to maximise tool life by reducing areas of potential wear.
Flutes milled in the body allow maximum fluid circulation.
The grease reservoir is charged after assembly, the design allowing subsequent re-charge. A high temperature sealed bearing lubricated assembly is actuated by a spring loaded piston in the spindle.
Different gauge sizes are achieved by using interchangeable blocks or cutters depending on hole size.