Single stage hole opener

Integral Body-Sealed Bearing - SHI Series

Tool Features
Designed for the enlargement of pilot holes, directional drilling and large hole applications, the Darron Oil Tools SHI series hole openers are manufactured from chromium molybdenum solid steel, heat treated and conforming to the requirements of ASTM P1182 F22.

By design the fully integral construction of the body eliminates any requirement for welding on the body and cutter arms.
The body and cutter arms are hardfaced for protection and cutters are available from our 3 standard designs, ST, MM and HD all of which are fully interchangeable.
Non standard cutters can also be supplied to meet specific applications.
The cutter assembly is a fully sealed unit incorporating ball and roller bearings providing optimum performance.
Cutter assemblies can be easily changed out at the rig site using readily available hand tools.
Circulation is achieved by either a 3 or 6 nozzle configuration on the body (3 in the cutter pockets and 3 in the wing areas). This is dependent on the hole opener body size.
The body can be provided with a fully integral bullnose complete with reverse circulation facilities or with a rock bit connection with optional separate bullnose.