Stabilizer mandrels

The Darron Oil Tools Sleeve Type Stabilizer Mandrel, available in either string or nearbit configurations, is produced in a full range of sizes to overcome the logistical difficulties normally associated with stabilization equipment at the rig site.

Darron Oil Tools Mandrels, manufactured from a single piece of material for optimum integral strength are available in either AISI 4145 H modified steel or non-magnetic grades.

Engineered for easy make up using conventional plate type sleeve breakers and rig tongs, single piece Mandrels eliminate the need for any fluid seals.

Connections are manufactured and gauged to API standards. Sufficient fishing neck, tong neck and mandrel upset lengths are provided to facilitate thread and shoulder repairs.

Used worldwide, Darron Oil Tools Mandrels have seen extensive service in BHA´s for drilling both straight hole and directionally drilled wells.

Note: Customer special requirements can be accommodated